Work on Zarr, an n-dimensional array data model

Co-authoring the Zarr v3 specification, Zarr enhancement proposals (ZEPs), and contributing to the Python implementation.

Zarr is a data model for n-dimensional array data, with a focus on distributed systems and parallel computations.

OME-Zarr Paper Preprint

PyCon US 2021 Talk: Declarative Configs for Maintainable Reproducible Code

Image Analysis at scalable minds

Developing image-analysis tools and pipelines such as

  • webKnossos, to visualize and annotate 3D images online, and
  • Voxelytics, a 3D reconstruction solution for biological structures.

Paper: Towards a Systematic Evaluation of Generative Network Models

Framework to answer whether real-world networks can be distinguished from generated graphs with respect to certain graph parameters.

Paper @ Springer

Course Instructor at the Schüler­akademie

I was giving 2-week courses for 11th graders at the JGW Schülerakademie Papenburg from 2017 to 2019. Some of the topics covered are Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Sensor Systems, Signal Processing and Soft Skills.

Query Plan Optimizations for In-Memory Databases

In my master project we wrote a query plan optimizer for Hyrise, a research-oriented in-memory database.

Blog post series on Medium

DevOps & Infrastructure at scalable minds

Developing DevOps culture and infrastructure solutions, e.g. using

Paper: Ergonomic Interaction on Touch Floors

Improving physical ergonomics on touch floors by allowing users to operate in any pose they like. In Proceedings of CHI ’15.

Paper @ ACM

Paper: Scotty

Relocating Physical Objects Across Distances Using Destructive Scanning, Encryption, and 3D Printing. In Proceedings of TEI ’15.

Paper website

Teaching Assistant

For one semester I was a teaching assistant with Prof. Baudisch for the class HCI: Building Interactive Devices & Computer Vision.